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    HR Policies

    MADA Holding must be an organization that continues to win, with positive and highly motivated employees. To unleash the unique potential of our business, we support and reward those employees able to rise to the challenge.


    An organization that continues to win.

    To become a business that continues to grow for the next 300 years, we must be an organization that continues to win.
    We must never fall victim to the “big company syndrome.”
    We will be bold, embrace change, and be fearless in the pursuit of our goals.
    We will continue to keep our organization’s vitality.


    Opportunities for those willing to challenge themselves.


    MADA Holding will always support those who challenge themselves to achieve personal growth.
    But the decision to take this chance comes down to the individual.
    We want you to embrace challenge without fear of failure.
    MADA Holding brings together remarkable people, encourages growth through friendly competition, and continues to offer those willing to challenge themselves the opportunity to grow.


    Fair reward for your efforts.


    MADA Holding rewards employees fairly for the work they do.
    If you have ability and ambition there is no limit to what you can do.
    Age, gender, nationality, and educational background don’t matter.
    Employees who work hard will be rewarded in line with their results.