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  • Concrete Anchoring Systems and Accessories

    Concrete Anchoring Systems and Accessories


    Shield Anchor – SHA


    Typical Applications:For fixing: steel constructions, handrails, consoles, brackets, ladders, gates and spacing designs.


    • Assembly detachable, multiple removing and fixing.
    • Low energy impact, power-saving assembly.
    • Force controlled expansion.
    • Flexibility inside threaded anchor.
    • Variable length and art of threaded rods or bolts.
    • By tightening the screw, the cone pulls into the sleeve and tense against the drill hole.
    • Small edge distance and small distance between anchor.
    • Expansion elements are held together by a spring.
    • Optimum taper nut angle for maximum expansion.
    • Pressed steel segment ensures consistent dimensional accuracy.
    • Provide a projecting stud to support fixture during installation and removal.
    • Suitable for use in concrete, natural stone, brick and sand stone.


    • Zinc Plated Steel
    • Stainless steel [ SS 304 (A2), SS 316 (A4) ].


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