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    Pre-Galvanized Steel Complying with:

    • – BS EN 10142:2000 instead of BS 2989
    • – ASTM C645 G90 (275 g/sqm) – G60 (180 g/sqm) – G40 (120 g/sqm) – G20 (60 g/sqm)
    • – ASTM C645 G90 (275 g/sqm) – G60 (180 g/sqm) – G40 (120 g/sqm) – G20 (60 g/sqm)
    • – DIN EN 10326:2004-09
    • – BS EN 10143:2006
    • ASTM C1047 : Standard specification for Gypsum Wallboard and Gypsum Veneer Base Accessories.
    Partition Profiles
    • Headed concrete, mortar rendering and hard board plaster. The supports should be clean sound, free of dust and oily materials.
    Instruction for Use
    • STUDS are vertical profiles inserted into the RUNNERS; bearing profiles of the partition; used for fixing of partition covering (Gypsum Boards).
    • RUNNERS are horizontal profiles to fix the partition to floor and ceiling.
    Suspended Ceiling System
    • A suspended ceiling has several names as well. Also Known, as a false ceiling or secondary ceiling or a hung ceiling. The suspended ceiling is very widely used in modern construction, especially in offices and basements. A suspended or false ceiling is widely used in modern construction especially in commercial, educational, and health care centers. It provides the convenience for the passage of MEP installation, as well as communication means.


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