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    Chairman Message

    Welcome to MADA Holding . Our corporate purpose is to create long-term value for our shareholders and business partners by uniquely applying our business expertise in fields of activity which offer good growth prospects As EPC Company  ,Initialed on Long Term Strategic Plan to be one of Leading EPC Company in MENEA Region by 2030.

    A set of core values that we have been steadfastly holding on to since our inception has guided our development :Respecting people, Pursuing excellence, Customer focus and standing together as one strong reliable team. We in MADA Holding have always believed that diversity is essential; it keeps us relevant and encourages growth and progress. We continue to be guided by our mission to empower every person and every line of business in our organization to grow, advance and achieve more.
    MADA Holding started with an idea developed into a company and expanded to a group of companies under the umbrella of MADA  Holding. Our first stages took place in 2009, in a small company called  “LE ROI” Through the great success we achieved in Reach Experts, an ambition infused with our expertise aroused. This ambition took us from one company targeting one sector in one economy, to a group of companies operating in different sectors in Egypt.

    In 2012 , Company Restructuring Action had been take place with Business Unit Concept divided into 6 Business Plan with Short Term plan for 5 Years to Establish Holding , Main Structure for Services & products portfolio that MADA Holding Offered in Egyptian Market , due to Success , Each business unit converted to Separate Company invidually.

    MADA Holding is ideally placed to solidify its position as one of the premier EPC Holding Companies in, Egypt , Middle East  & Afirca and to continue to expand its sphere of influence throughout the entire Globe.

    We are also very proud of the growth Achieved in  MADA Holding in last 5 Years although Obstacles , Risks faced  With hard work, exercise of talent, acceptance of responsibility, and target of success, Reach Holding will be the minaret of providing profitable and secure investments in different sectors, with growing financial and social effects on the regional and global economy.




    Eng Mohammed Adel